Cindy Alissa Yu — Animation Student based in Sheridan College

The Magician's Protegee (WIP)

The year is 1890 and the doctor is in – Evan Lee, a young and talented medical student, sails all the way from Hong Kong to England, to attend university and seek out the wonders of Western medicine. He is hired by the wealthy artists in the Clarke family, to cure their sickly seven year old daughter Ada, who can not be healed with conventional Western methods. He and the family’s daughter forge an unusual friendship, and find a mutual interest in… London’s ghostly urban legends. This story tells of their adventures hunting for treasure and creatures in the night, and coming back home in time for breakfast. Little does Evan know of medicine’s ties to the occult… The Magician’s Protegée is about Dr. Evan Lee and his patient Ada Clarke, their unlikely adventures with the paranormal in Victorian England, the bustling art scene at the turn of the century, and the renewed interest in medicine during this time, and the fragility of human life.

*History notes: at this time, Hong Kong is a colony of the British Empire, until it was transferred to the People’s Republic of China in 1997.

ForPersonal Webcomic RoleCreator
DateJanuary 2018 – current